Shave The Dandy Gent way at home, with our renowned traditionally-blended shaving products.
Our quality pre-shave, shave and post-shave products are the first choice of our own team of barbers and some of the finest in the UK.
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Shaving Brush Stand Shaving Brush Stand

Take care of your brush's bristles in style, with this Dandy Gent branded stand, made from the finest 'faux tortoiseshell' acrylic.

Our Price: £5.00

The Dandy Gent Bristle Shaving Brush Bristle Shaving Brush

Sensibly priced, this brush is made using pure bristle in a varnished wooden handle, suitably branded with The Dandy Gent logo.
An ideal brush for a prudent - yet still dashing - gentleman who is initially unsure of making the investment in a badger hair shaving brush.
Bristle brushes are somewhat firmer in comparison to badger, but this will no doubt soften over time.

Our Price: £5.99
Shavette Blades pack of 100 - individually wrapped 100 Derby Shavette Blades

A box of 100 quality shavette blades to fit our The Dandy Gent engraved shavettes.

Our Price: £6.99

The Dandy Gent Shaving Soap. A stylish tin of high quality traditional shaving soap with a hint of zesty lime fragrance. Work it to create a later to add glide and the closest shave possible. Lime Shaving Soap

Supplied in its own natty aluminium vessel, ideal for when gallivanting on one's travels.
The signature fragrance of fresh and zesty Limes is unmistakable here; truly invigorating.
The lather from this gentle soap is rich and emollient - containing added conditioning agents, so is exceptionally sympathetic to the skin.

Our Price: £8.99

The Dandy Gent - Hydrating Gel to care for your skin after you shave Post Shave Hydrating Gel

Never allow your savoir-faire to be compromised by a wizened visage!
The Dandy Gent post shave hydrating gel is expressly formulated to offer immediately cooling, refreshing relief to one's skin after shaving.

Our Price: £9.99

Dandy Gent Lime Shaving Cream Lime Shaving Cream

A shaving cream of such superior quality that only the merest smidgeon is necessary.
Mixed with a little warm water, you will yield the most opulent lather one has ever experienced.
The classically chic aroma of fresh Limes means the skin - once patted dry - not only finishes smoothly, but with a most agreeable scent.

Our Price: £9.99

Gentleman's traditional facial scrub and exfoliant for pre-shave grooming Exfoliant

This scrub provides the solution to dull looking skin and enables a closer shave.
Ground Walnut Shells remove the debris and sumptuous Apricot Kernel Oil is believed to encourage the slowing down of the aging process.

Our Price: £9.99
30ml bottle of Shaving Oil Shaving Oil

This is the most delectable and multifarious shaving oil you will find anywhere.
With more than 8 natural oils, specifically selected to help protect and rejuvenate a fellow's skin during the shave, whilst simultaneously pacifying any nasty irritation.

Our Price: £9.99
Pure Bristle Shaving Brush Pure Bristle Shaving Brush

Handmade in Britain, this pure bristle hair shaving brush has an elegantly moulded plastic handle, suitably branded with The Dandy Gent logo.
Rather well made, a brush for the discernible - filled with the utmost quality pure bristle hair, which has been judiciously graded for use in hand-filled brushes.
Firm to the touch, this grade of hair gently exfoliates the skin prior to shaving, whilst maintaining outstanding water retention properties and will provide its owner with quality shaving for many a year to come.
Handmade - injection moulded handle finished in faux

Our Price: £9.99
Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush with The Dandy Gent Logo Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Handmade in Britain, this pure badger hair shaving brush has an elegantly moulded plastic handle, suitably branded with The Dandy Gent logo.
Effortlessly elegant. An impeccable brush; a must for the novice shaver as its pure badger hair has the ability to absorb hot water, which aids the application and distribution of one's shave lather of choice.
Handmade - injection moulded handle finished in faux Ivory

Our Price: £19.99
New Classic 47 Gentlemen's Vintage Splash Splash - Classic 47

The Dandy Gent Gentlemen's Splash is the latest addition to our range of traditional grooming products.

Our Price: £19.99

The Dandy Gent - Bay Rum Splash Splash - Bay Rum

The Dandy Gent Gentlemen's Splash range provides unique fragrances to wear as an aftershave or beard fragrance.

Our Price: £19.99
The Dandy Gent - Rose & Tobacco Splash Splash - Rose & Tobacco

The Dandy Gent Gentlemen's Splash range provides unique fragrances to wear as an aftershave or beard fragrance.

Our Price: £19.99

The Dandy Gent Shavette with gift box Steel Shavette (in engraved box) w/blades x 10

Available in

List Price: £24.99
Our Price: £24.99
The Topper cologne bottle The Topper - Gentlemen's Cologne

Loosen your tie - this unashamedly intoxicating fragrance is for those who seek the ultimate conduit for sensual seduction.

A sweet and heady blend, The Topper will turn heads and guarantee you admiration - quite how you handle it, is a matter for some prior deliberation.

The Topper is one of two new colognes created and manufactured by The Dandy Gent, especially for the discerning gent.

Our Price: £24.99
The Gambler - Gentlemen's Cologne The Gambler - Gentlemen's Cologne

The Gambler is an intriguingly beguiling floral musk that fills the senses and provides a loaded dice for the classiest of gamesmen.

Its full-bodied fragrance never fails to induce a strong sense of desire with just a hint of devilment. In short, whoever adorns himself with a splash of The Gambler is sure to win the day and his true heart's desire.

One of two new colognes, it has been created and manufactured by The Dandy Gent especially for the more discerning of gentlemen to enjoy.

Our Price: £24.99
Simple Shaving Carton Simple Shaving Carton

If you are yet-to-be convinced of the value in a complete shaving routine - or simply don't have the time - you can still gain great pleasure from a daily 'do' using The Dandy Gent's exquisite products.

This carton contains two of your shaving essentials; a shave cream or soap - both offering a silky-rich lather and the smoothest glide, and a Gentlemen's Splash aftershave in the traditional fragrance of your choice.

Our Price: £26.98
Premium Shaving Carton Premium Shaving Carton

A truly clean-shaven gentlemen must afford himself the time and luxury of a quality shaving experience. This Premium Shaving Carton provides the best products available to ensure your time is spent wisely and you are justly rewarded.

This collection of shaving products is made from all natural ingredients with properties to ensure your face is cleansed thoroughly, shaved smoothly and skin fed, moisturised and protected.

A commitment to quality grooming time will reap rewards you never imagined!

Contents: Exfoliant, Shave Cream or Shave Soap, Shave Oil and Hydrating Oil (used in that order!)

Our Price: £34.96
Super Badger Shave Brushes Super Badger Shave Brushes

Superior quality brush to maximise lather loading. Use with The Dandy Gent's exquisite Lime Shaving Cream or Soap for a shaving experience like no other!

Our Price: £35.00
Shaving Box five piece gift set The Dandy Shave Box

5 Products
This is THE most complete kit you can buy for exquisitely smooth shaving from the Master Apothecary at The Dandy Gent.
Containing; 100gm Exfoliant (Facial Scrub), 100gm Post-Shave Hydrating Balm, 100gm Lime Shaving Cream, 30ml Shaving Oil and 100ml Splash.

Our Price: £54.95