Sandalwood Beard Oil


Sandalwood provides conditioning benefits with a subtly rich and woody aroma of this natural oil.


The Dandy Gent Beard Oil comes in seven exquisitely delicate fragrances, to adorn all good men with a faint whiff of class - for one's own pleasure, or for that of those closest to us!

All of our Beard Oils are handmade with a blend of the finest natural oils to keep your whiskers conditioned and glossy. Each variety comes in a 10ml or 30ml bottle.

Probably the gentlest of our Beard Oil fragrances, The Dandy Gent Sandalwood is for those who enjoy little more than the subtly sweet woodland flora on a Summer’s afternoon.

Suffering with soreness? Sandalwood oil is known for its medicinal benefits too. Often used as an antiseptic and astringent – working wonders on inflammation of the skin.


Brand The Dandy Gent
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