Movember ‘Beard-Off’ Challenge for Dandy Barber Stu

The Dandy Gent traditional barbershops are getting behind The Movember Foundation’s annual event in support of men’s mental health awareness this year with weekly donations, free services for Mo Bros and a unique ’12-styles-in-1’  sponsored beard removal challenge!

Nottingham-based Dandy Barber, Stu Parker, has committed to have his beloved beard shaved off after eight years in the making for men’s health charities. The ‘dreaded deed’ will be performed by Dandy Gent owner and Master Barber, Shane O’Shaughnessy.

A succession of traditional and classic styles such as: the Monarch, French Fork, Perennial, Ducktail, Imperial and Pencil moustache will be created in a carefully choreographed plan to eventually leave Stu clean-shaven.

The challenge was originally planned to be taken on  in front of a small crowd of friends and followers, but due to social restrictions will now be performed over live stream on Facebook.

Throughout ‘Movember’ each of the 3 Dandy Gent barbershops will be donating a percentage of their Monday takings to the charity and providing free services, such as beard and mo shaves and grooming, to clients participating in Movember fundraising activity.

“Being aware of mental health issues, however big or small, is important to all barbers providing an authentically traditional service to men.” explains Dandy Gent founder and owner, Shane O’Shaughnessy. “Being a sympathetic or objective ear to clients over worries or more emotion-led issues has always been a big part of our job as barbers. Many men don’t talk to friends or family about their problems or anxieties, but will happily open up to us.”

Stu came up with the idea for the ‘beard-off’ challenge following the recent lockdown and the impact on him and some of his male friends through isolation.

Said Stu “2019 saw the UK suicide rates soar to its highest level since 2000 – with 4,303 male suicides compared to 1,388 females – and I’m pretty sure this will have increased still further due to recent isolation. Research does suggest that too many men are keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling in silence.” Continued Stu. “By supporting Movember, myself and The Dandy Gent team aim to highlight this issue and all of the great work done by Movember and the charities it supports.”

If anyone would like to donate to Stu’s ‘beard-off’ fundraiser, you can do so here.
Clients thinking of growing or shaving in aid of Movember can talk to their barber about free shave and grooming services – as well as promotion – to help them achieve their fundraising goals.