Beard Oils

The Dandy Gent natural Beard Oils come in seven delicate fragrances – to adorn all good men with a faint whiff of class.  Use sparingly for your own pleasure and those who surround you. 

These handmade bottles of sheer beard-bliss are blended with the finest natural oils to keep your whiskers conditioned and glossy. They come in seven amazing fragrances - each one hydrates the skin and keeps inflammation or irritation at bay.

How to use:

  1. Pour a small amount into your hand, rub into your fingers or palm.
  2. For the shorter beard massage in and comb through creating your style or to determine the direction of growth.
  3. For the longer beard, massage in at the root, then draw your fingers down through the beard and shape as you nourish.

Key Benefits:

  • Conditioning - high
  • Fragrance – 7 varieties
  • Anti-inflammatory for calm and comfortable skin
  • Control – low/medium
  • Shine – medium

Beard Balm v Beard Oil
Our Beard Balm offers similar benefits to our beard oil, but is slower to absorb, therefore keeps the whiskers moist for longer. Its firmer texture allows more control to the beard, moustache or sideburns and gives more shine than our beard oils.