Beard Balm - Rose & Tobacco


Providing a smidge more control than oil, this balm comes in our most popular Rose & Tobacco fragrance.


If your beard needs a little gloss, texture and a tad more control, look no further than our exquisite beard balm.

This latest addition to our collection of 100% natural, handmade grooming products comes in one of our most popular fragrances - Rose & Tobacco. 

Rub sparingly into your fingers and then smooth through your beard. The balm will soak into your beard to moisten, whilst holding your whiskers as you brush or comb into shape.

Also available in Rose & Tobacco is our Gentlemen's Splash aftershave and our 10ml and 30ml Beard Oil.

Beard Balm v Beard Oil
Our Beard Balm offers similar benefits to our beard oil, but is slower to absorb, therefore keeps the whiskers moist for longer. It's firmer texture allows more control to the beard, moustache or sideburns and gives more shine than our beard oils. 


Brand The Dandy Gent
Weight 0.7kg