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Shaving The Dandy Gent Way…

Here’s a step-by-step guide to a traditional wet shave at The Dandy Gent – the midlands’ premier traditional barber shop!

Step 1:
Exfoliate to remove debris – such as dry skin and any remnants of the previous nights ‘repast’ - from the shaft of your hair
Step 2:
Rub a small amount of The Dandy Gent
Shave Oil* deeply into the face. Warm a small, clean towel. *Other brands of Shave Oil are, of course, available.
Step 3:
Place the warm towel over the face to open the pores and soften your hair. The towel should be as warm as your face can tolerate comfortably, and be in position for 2-3 minutes.
Step 4:
Apply your well lathered
shaving cream or soap*
Shave with a straight razor – or with a sharp disposable blade. Shave in the direction your hair grows for the first pass (with the grain). You should feel your face to get to know which way your hair grows. If it feels smooth – that direction is ‘with the grain’ if it feels rough – that direction is “against the grain”.
Step 5:
Once again apply your chosen form of lather, and conduct your second pass – this time you can shave against the grain of your hair. Repeat again if you feel necessary.
Step 6:
When you are happy with your shave, reheat your towel and place it once again on your face. Leave it in place for 2-3 minutes.
Step 7:
Gently smooth a sparing amount of
Hydrating Gel into your face, and enjoy the smooth touch and the fresh feeling you have just invested 10 minutes of your time to achieve!
Finish off by closing your pores with a cold towel on your face – left for a 2 blissful minutes.
Step 8, the final stage of any man’s shave:

Take a moment to admire your smooth and well-groomed face with a sense of pride and superiority. Raise your head and lift your shoulders before stepping out – it's a feeling a lesser man would simply never comprehend!