New for 2017/2018 - We've put together 7 collections of your Dandy Gent favourites to make great gifts to yourself, or a stylish gent in your life. Each carton contains our exquisite products at full size, discounted on the individual price - and presented in a stylish, quality weight carton.

Gift Cartons are available in both of our Derby Barbershops - or you can make up your own Bespoke Gift Carton from any of our range of twenty one quality male grooming products.

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Beard Pamper Carton Beard Pamper Carton

If your fancy is for a touch of whisker-refinement, then treat yourself to this little taster box from The Dandy Gent.
the Dandy Gent Pamper Carton contains a solid bar beard shampoo - presented in a cotton bag - and a 10ml bottle of our renowned Beard Oil, in your choice of fragrance.

Our Price: £16.98
Beard Oil Trio Carton - 10ml Beard Oil Trio Carton - 10ml

If you like a little variety in your bearded-life, then this is the Gift Carton for you.

Choose your three favourite fragrances in this delightful little package of beard-heaven!

All our beard oils contain natural oils (Grapeseed, Hemp and Jojoba) that promote soft skin, soft whiskers, whisker-growth and sexual attraction.

Our Price: £26.96
Simple Shaving Carton Simple Shaving Carton

If you are yet-to-be convinced of the value in a complete shaving routine - or simply don't have the time - you can still gain great pleasure from a daily 'do' using The Dandy Gent's exquisite products.

This carton contains two of your shaving essentials; a shave cream or soap - both offering a silky-rich lather and the smoothest glide, and a Gentlemen's Splash aftershave in the traditional fragrance of your choice.

Our Price: £26.98
Beard Oil Duo Carton - 30ml Beard Oil Duo Carton - 30ml

Endulge yourself, and all those who come close, with a soft, sweet-smelling beard that's a joy to behold.

Choose your two favourite traditional fragrances from The Dandy Gent's renowned range of traditional beard oils, in this gorgeous little gift carton.

All our beard oils contain; Grapeseed Oil, Hemp Oil and Jojoba - all natural products to promote whisker growth and softness, and replenish the skin's natural oils.

Our Price: £27.98

30ml Beard Oil, Beard Shampoo and Beard Comb gift box from The Dandy Gent. Beard Care Carton

There's no excuse for unkempt whiskers with this Dandy Gent Beardcare Carton.
The reassuringly sturdy little box, contains one of our 30ml beard oils - in your choice of fragrance, an exquisitely gentle and refreshing solid bar beard shampoo and a branded beard comb.

Our Price: £30.97
Premium Shaving Carton Premium Shaving Carton

A truly clean-shaven gentlemen must afford himself the time and luxury of a quality shaving experience. This Premium Shaving Carton provides the best products available to ensure your time is spent wisely and you are justly rewarded.

This collection of shaving products is made from all natural ingredients with properties to ensure your face is cleansed thoroughly, shaved smoothly and skin fed, moisturised and protected.

A commitment to quality grooming time will reap rewards you never imagined!

Contents: Exfoliant, Shave Cream or Shave Soap, Shave Oil and Hydrating Oil (used in that order!)

Our Price: £34.96
Beard Fragrance Carton Beard Fragrance Carton

Impress those who behold you with a finely groomed beard, bursting with the gentle fragrance of your choice. This Beard Fragrance Carton contains three of your favourite 10ml beard oils and a bottle of our exquisite Gentlemen's Splash - for use as an aftershave or beard fragrance.

Our Price: £45.96