Our Team at Irongate...

Shane - Master Barber, Apothecary & Owner

Shane has been a barber & apothecary since he was just 13 years old. He is the founder and owner of The Dandy Gent brand. Shane is available for bookings Monday - Saturday (excluding Wednesdays) and always available to give expert advice on; shaving, beardcare, skin & scalp.

Mike - Senior Barber

Mike joined The Dandy Gent in 2016 for the opening of the Irongate shop. He is an exquisite barber and extremely popular with our customers. Mike is available for bookings Tuesday to Saturday, but hurry - he books up fast!

Lauren - Barber

Lauren has served out her full apprenticeship at The Dandy Gent under Master Barber, Shane.  Starting out at our Nuns Street branch in 2016, she has quickly progressed through the ranks to become a highly talented and popular barber and head of display & merchandising. Lauren is available for bookings Monday to Saturday - excluding Tuesdays.

Ash -  Senior Barber

Ash has been with The Dandy Gent since May 2018, arriving fully qualified with over 13 years of experience - and an impressive client following. He is available for bookings Monday to Saturday - excluding Wednesdays - but don’t leave it until the last minute, Ash starts every week with around 70% of his time fully booked!