How it all began...


The Dandy Gent was the vision of Shane O'Shaughnessy, beginning in 2007....

At the age of just 10 years old, Shane O'Shaughnessy began his barber apprenticeship under his beloved grandad, David Keithley (top left). No matter how gruelling his day on the docks, David provided evening barbering services for his co-orkers, friends & family and made time to mix up his own recipe hair treatments and oils to keep it affordable - with young Shane watching keenly on. By just 13 years of age, Shane too was cutting hair.

After a successful career in the IT world, Shane, at the age of 36, decided to go back to his boyhood roots, and rekindle his love affair with hair. After a highly successful back-to-school style apprenticeship, Shane set up and ran a mixed salon on Peel Street in Derby, then several years later, took over a small well-established barbershop on Nuns Street in 2007 - working with friend and renowned local barber Craig Evans.

Shane and Craig developed an infectious chemistry, which in turn created the perfect ambience, it seemed, for gents seeking a traditional barbershop experience. Bookings increased as the duo's reputation grew and business was booming.

In 2011 Shane's thoughts turned to the hair tonics and oils his grandad used to blend, and he and his wife Sherri dusted down his old apothecary notebook and set about another ambitious project.  After a year or so of developmental work, in 2012 Shane & Sherri launched The Dandy Gent - a brand new range of high-end grooming products.

The products were immediately lauded by professionals and customers - the branding giving it the edge over much of the competition at the time. Shane soon decided to rebrand his Nuns Street shop inline with the products and The Dandy Gent Traditional Barbershop was born.

Today, Shane has two shops in Derby - his original Nuns Street branch - now managed by long time friend & barber, Shaun Hoolan, and now owns and resides in his flagship shop in the Cathedral Quarter of Derby City Centre on Irongate.  His wife, Sherri now manages a fully-equipped manufactory on the outskirts of the city, hand-making products to fulfil a constantly overflowing order book!

get a flavour of the dandy gent experience...

This showreel gives you a taste of what The Dandy Gent can offer you. Our service is second-to-none, the quality of our barbers and the unique relaxed experience is gaining us plaudits and 5* ratings constantly.  We look forward to welcoming you soon.