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How it all started...

In the winter of 2013, when traditional English barber Shane O’Shaughnessy set upon his maiden voyage with The Dandy Gent, there were already signs that the sartorial English gentleman was beginning to re-emerge on a grand scale.

The range of Dandy Gent Shaving Soap, Shaving Oil, Beard Oil and Moustache Wax, developed and launched by Mr O'Shaughnessy in 2014, was lauded - both inside and outside of the establishment – prompting a swift multiplication of the Dandy Gent range.

Shane learned his craft from his grandfather, dock worker, David Keithley, who used to make his own oils and take care of the neighbourhood barbering needs in his spare time. At the age of 10yrs Shane began his education under David and by 13 years he was honing his skills on his friends hair.

His love of creating new treatments for hair and face has grown stronger over time, earning the title of Master Apothecary and a growing number of products within his popular portfolio.

Today The Dandy Gent’s online emporium www.thedandygent.co.uk proffers a range of 23 first-class grooming products for the stylish gentleman, and its many advocates can look forward to further augmentations in the coming months.

The recent acquisition of a manufactory and the increase in experimentation with new blends and fragrances, will help master apothecary, O’Shaughnessy and his wife Sherri, take The Dandy Gent to another level.

Climb aboard the good ship ‘Dandy’ today! Take a gander at the full range of products, find something to your liking - and experience the most pleasurable feeling of refinement.

The Dandy Gent range is currently available at our Emporia at both Dandy Gent Hairdresser & Shave Parlours in Derby – and at a select range of retailers across the UK.

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Beard Pamper Carton Beard Pamper Carton

If your fancy is for a touch of whisker-refinement, then treat yourself to this little taster box from The Dandy Gent.
the Dandy Gent Pamper Carton contains a solid bar beard shampoo - presented in a cotton bag - and a 10ml bottle of our renowned Beard Oil, in your choice of fragrance.

Our Price: £16.98