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Best Sellers

  • Beard Balm - Rose & Tobacco

    Beard Balm - Rose & Tobacco

    Providing a smidge more control than oil, this balm comes in our most popular Rose & Tobacco fragrance.
  • Classic 47 Beard Oil

    Classic 47 Beard Oil

    A heady, sensual fragrance, 47 is the ladies' favourite and claimed by many to have a gentle aphrodisiac effect.
  • Cologne - The Gambler

    Cologne - The Gambler

    A sweet and heady blend, The Gambler will turn heads and guarantee you admiration - quite how you handle it, is a matter for some prior deliberation.
  • Macassar Oil

    Macassar Oil

    This lightweight hair oil, frequently used by gents in the 19th Century, was claimed by many to have conditioning, thickening and growth stimulation properties.
  • Peppermint Beard & Body Shampoo Puck

    Peppermint Beard & Body Shampoo Puck

    This divine solid bar shampoo packs a peppermint punch that freshens your body, beard and soul every time you use it! Gently cleansing with all natural ingredients.
  • Splash - Rose & Tobacco

    Splash - Rose & Tobacco

    Our naturally blended Splash range provides a quality antiseptic and anti-inflammatory finishing touch to your shave or an amazing fragrance to your beard.
  • £35 E-Gift Voucher

    £35 E-Gift Voucher

    Give someone the gift of style, with a Dandy Gent E-Gift Voucher.