“A little on the top please” – New Dandy Hair Replacement Service Launched

Gents of all ages can now dare to dream of a full head of hair again as The Dandy Gent in Derby launches its new Hair Replacement Service.

Dandy Gent founder and Master Barber, Shane O’Shaughnessy has now added ‘Hairpiece Technician’ to his portfolio of barbershop skills, enabling him to perform the previously considered ‘unthinkable’ act of putting hair on the head – instead of taking it off!

Using a high-quality hairpiece system, Shane will match your colour – from a choice of 49 shades – then cut it to fit the contours of your head, before fixing, cutting and styling to look and feel natural.

“I first saw the results of this particular system several months before the first lockdown.” Explains Shane. “One of my barbers was fed up with a head shave being the only option for his receding hairline at the age of just 30, so he took the plunge with a hair piece and has honestly never looked back.”

Senior barber, Ash is the first to confirm that his new full head of hair has increased his confidence significantly – even attributing his new look to initially attracting the attention of his girlfriend.

Shane recently fitted his first hairpiece to long-term client and friend, Tony Wall, who after many years without hair on the top of his head, is now sporting an impressive quiff and fade that works wonderfully with his silver handlebar moustache and goatee.

“I am delighted with the job Shane’s done and truly feel like a new man – it’s brilliant.” Said Tony.

Tony has always been a dapper gent, sporting unique facial hair style and vintage attire, so is used to attracting attention around his appearance.

“I was feeling mildly anxious  when I first went out with my new hairstyle, but that was immediately quashed when I was stopped by a stranger who asked me “where do you get your haircut, mate?” Said Tony.

Tony’s wife Jane is thrilled with her husband’s brand-new image “It takes years off of him – I’m really thrilled, he looks fantastic!” She smiled.

Continues Shane, “We’re expecting a steady uptake of this new service at first, as we know hairpieces have not traditionally had a great reputation – there’s a stigma still attached to them, but hopefully when people see that the technology is vastly improved, we can change that!”

“Hairpieces are now a genuine alternative to hair transplants – with less risk involved.” He concluded.

The process comprises:

• Consultation and colour match – £15 (refunded against the final purchase)

• Hairpiece, bespoke preparation, fitting then cutting and styling – from £480

• Monthly maintenance appointments with haircut and style refresh – £40/month

• 6-12 Month replacement hairpiece from £420, including process (as above in 2)

If you are interested in an initial consultation with Shane, please have a chat with him at your next hair appointment, or book in for an initial consultation. This can be booked on our App at a price of £15 – refundable if you sign up for the Hair Replacement Service.

Surviving a Crisis II – The Wet Shave

Enjoy The Dandy Gent traditional shaving experience in your own home!

We cannot promise you the charming and witty banter usually on tap as you indulge yourself with us, however, we can assure you of a welcome and unrivalled interlude of self-indulgence and self-satisfying sophistication.

Step 1 – Setting the Scene
First, Claim a sizeable section of your time & residence as temporarily ’out of bounds’ to your female companions. carefully set out the required utensils & products* in an orderly manner, turn on your most rousing music & prepare yourself for time spent entirely on yourself.
*You will need: a quality razor, shaving cream (& a mug) or shaving soap (in its own tin), a shaving brush, hot & cold towels, aftershave – & optional; exfoliant, shave oil, & rehydration gel.

Step 2 – Deep Cleanse
i) Soak a small towel or flannel in hand-hot water, wring out & place on your face for around ONE minute. This will open your pores ahead of deep cleansing. ii) Massage The Dandy Gent Exfoliant into your wet skin in a circular motion throroughly. iii) Wash the natural peach kernels from your face – do not overly trouble yourself with removing the excess soap. iv) Rub a small amount of The Dandy Gent Shave Oil (around the size of a five pence piece) in your hands, then rub into your neck & face. v) Repeat stage 2.i) with the hot towel or flannel, this will help the oil soak into your skin and soften it ahead of the shave.

Step 3 – The Shave
i) Soak your shaving brush in warm water. This will absorb the water into the brush, make the lathering process easier & more successful. a Badger hair brush provides optimum absorption & is by far the best choice of shaving brush! ii) Put a dollop of The Dandy Gent Lime Shaving Cream into a mug & lather it up. if you are using our Lime Shaving Soap, put your soaked brush directly into the tin to lather. iii) Work the lather until the volume swells and the cream stiffens to form peaks when you lift the brush in the lather iv) ‘load the brush’ & spread the creamy Lather onto your face & neck, working the lather as you apply. if you are dehydrated through lack of water intake the cream will soak into the skin more quickly. v) Use a quality razor – one of sturdy construction, with a fresh, reputable brand of blade. carry out a first pass over your face, chin & neck – drawing in the direction of the hair‘s growth. then a second pass, this time against the hair’s growth. vi) when the shave is completed to your satisfaction, rinse off any excess shaving cream or soap thoroughly with tepid water. vii) Apply a hot towel or flannel to the face for 30 seconds to open the pores.

Step 4 – Post-Shave
i) Massage a small amount of The Dandy Gent Post-Shave Hydration Gel into the face until fully absorbed. ii) Apply a cold towel or flannel (soak in cold water with ice cubes for optimum effect) or splash cold water on the face. The cold temperature will close your pores and stop any spot bleeding that may have occurred. iii) Pour or spray The Dandy Gent Splash/aftershave into your hands, rub together & smooth over the face & neck for both its antibacterial qualities & its exquisite fragrance. optional: try one of our most alluring colognes to pep up your allure a few hours past your shave.

Step 5 – The Emergence
Once your shave is complete, enjoy a long lingering gaze into your gaper. feel your smoothness & take pleasure in your more youthful appearance before emerging with pride & self-assurance.

You sir, are now a credit to all men!

All of our products can be purchased online during the current lockdown and beyond!

A Dandy Gentleman’s Guide to Surviving a Crisis – Whiskers and Hair

During these times of uncertainty, we feel the need to impart a little advice to our fine fellows on the management of your temporarily unfettered whiskers and hair. Hereafter are some pointers for sure survival:

i. Firstly, ensure you uphold the highest standards of hygiene, befitting a gentleman of standing. That is to say, continue to groom yourself daily to the same high standards as you would in readiness of, say, calling on your betrothed or visiting your local call-house.

ii. Whilst your barber is unavailable to keep your whiskers & hair ship-shape, avoid the temptation to trim oneself. This point is further accentuated with a plea for you to NEVER allow your companion or fore-bearer to approach you with scissors, clippers or any basin-shaped object.

iii. During isolation, your hair will grow and you will, alas, achieve little more than to retain its cleanliness & conditioning – you must hold fast with great determination! A term of experimentation with ones traditional coiffure may be  in order – alternatively the purchase of an attractive new chapeau or two might be a well-advised option.

iv. Your whiskers, on the other hand, will enjoy a period of natural proliferation. This should be embraced as an opportunity to nurture a fuller and healthier beard & moustache. A regime of deliberate care and nourishing should ensue.

v. Cleansing and feeding your whiskers, unhindered by pollution, junk food and frothed coffee will result in a thicker, fuller beard and moustache – the perfect blank canvas for your astounding new whiskers once any crisis is averted.

vi. In order to maximise your time in isolation, always cleanse your whiskers & hair without stripping them of natural oils – use only a gentle, natural cleansing soap and shampoo. The Dandy Gent, manufacturers and purveyors of fine-grooming products offers the best beard & hair shampoo for any working man and gentleman.

vii. Once cleansed, apply a modest amount of The Dandy Gent Beard Oil onto your fingers and draw through your whiskers. You have seven heavenly fragrances to choose between. (Note: careful appraisal of the odours and benefits daily, will help while away some more time during any lengthy confinement too!)

viii. Shape your flourishing growth, now slightly heavier with Oil, and feel each and every whisker plump and your face sparkle with renewed verve.

ix. Remember, Nutrition is crucial to all hair growth. Partake in meals of oysters, eggs, grains, oily fish and spinach more than ever to ensure your growth is healthy and volumous.

x. Throughout the crisis, contemplate your next barbershop consultation. Consider your hair & beard styling options during growth and to aid focus for the duration of isolation – regularly envisage your re-emergence into society to an abundance of adulation and appreciation.

Click here to see graphic illustration

Does your hairstyle suit your face?

“A quality haircut can give you greater self-confidence, attract admiration – and bring you good fortune – It’s a fact!” 

A bold claim from Shane, who’s confident swagger shows he has utter belief in the power of the barber. “But,” he adds firmly, “It’s important to understand which style will best suit your own face, not the face of, say, a guy you saw in a magazine.”

When confronted with the question ‘what will it be today?’ Shane urges you to talk to your barber about your preferred style – or the look you want to achieve – forearmed with a little knowledge of your own.

Says Shane “Everybody has one of six common face-shapes – and you really should use your hairstyle to balance the face, frame it – or even disguise any aspect you might not be happy with.”

“If necessary, a quality barber will always talk to you about adjustments to your chosen style with your face shape in mind.

But there are still many who will give you exactly what you ask for, without question – which could be a disaster for your look.”

Identify your face shape – key features

Look at yourself in the mirror with your hair combed back off of your face. Use a bar of soap to trace the outline of your head and face on the mirror – then stand back and consider; is the shape square, triangle, round, oval, oblong or diamond?

Your forehead and jawline are roughly the same width, and the angle of the jaw is sharp, with a square chin. Celebrity squares: Brad Pitt, David Beckham, James Dean and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You have a wide forehead and cheekbones and a pointed chin. Your face can be any length. Triangular celebs: Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling.

You have prominent rounded cheeks with equal width and length of your face and the angle of your jaw is soft. All-round stars: Jack Black and Elijah Wood.

You have a slightly rounded jaw and a wider forehead than jawline. The Oval face is said to resemble an egg shape. Ovalteens: George Clooney and Jude Law

Your face is longer than it is wide with often rounded jawline. Oblong faces are longer than the oval face but more proportioned in width. Long-face legends: Ben Affleck, Kiefer Sutherland, Elvis Presley

Narrow forehead and jawline with cheekbones the widest point. The chin is pointed. Pure diamonds: Johnny Depp and Dane Cook

Grooming essentials for gents

The growth of men’s interest in fine grooming is never more evident than when you spend just five minutes in Derby’s most talked about barbershop, The Dandy Gent. Here are the essentials to a fine daily regime, from Master Barber, Shane O’Shaughnessy, its owner and founder.

A superior shave
Invest in a good weighty razor and quality blades. Always use shaving oil to soften the skin and hair, then a quality shaving cream or soap to aid a close, smooth shave. Finish with a splash of cold water and massage in a good re-hydration gel. Using the right products will stop dryness, redness, rashes and burning – guaranteed!

Feed the Beard
Bearded gents – massage in a few drops of beard oil to soften your hair and reduce redness and inflammation of your skin around the follicle.

If it’s more control you’re looking for, get the same conditioning benefits from our beard balm.

Facial-fuzz once-over
Check your face, neck, brows, ears, nose and throat for any fuzz, strays and hair growth that are blurring your lines. Pluck, shave or trim as needed – or ask your barber to help.

Our barbers will line out your face, neck and chin for an extra-sharp finish, if that’s the look you’re after.

Whatever the time of year, invest in a good light moisturiser with a Sun Protection Factor of 15. Drink plenty of water throughout the day too, and hydrate from within!

For the best advice on your grooming regime, always talk to your Dandy Gent barber – that’s what we’re here for!