£250 Cash Prize Draw – and the winner is….

As part of the plan to inform clients of the move, The Dandy Gent, Nottingham put up a £250 cash prize for all existing clients to enter at their first appointment in the new shop. The winner was drawn on Valentine’s Day, and at the time of writing this he was still unaware of his win!
Be patient as, Josh is having way too much fun playing game-show host!!

A Dandy move to one of UK’s Coolest

Following a leap of faith from its established home inside Hopkinson’s Vintage Centre, The Dandy Gent’s Nottingham shop team is delighted with the response from loyal clients who have followed them across the City to its new Hockley location.
Hockley, recently voted one of the UK’s 12 ‘coolest postcodes in 2022’ by The Times newspaper, is the beating heart of Nottingham’s independent business scene and crammed with cool shops, bars, cafés restaurants owned and run by local business people.
“We absolutely love it here and we’re all really happy and thrilled that so many of our customers have followed us over!” said Nottingham shop owner Sarah. “We had of course hoped they would, but you never quite know – change can be unsettling and a hassle for clients. Every one of them has been complimentary of the new place and most find it actually easier to get to – which is a real bonus.”
The new 2-floor shop on Heathcoat Street in Hockley was previously a language school, travel agents and a picture framers – but it has never looked so good as it does today.
“We’ve given the new shop the full Dandy treatment, replicating the look and atmosphere that was so popular over on Station Street.” Said Sarah. “Since being here we’ve already had a lot more attention and our bookings are increasing nicely – even at this traditionally quiet period of the year.” She continued.
The new shop has four stations on the ground floor – including one permanent station for wheelchair users. Downstairs is still in need of a makeover, but should have three more chairs and more retail space available later this year.

“A little on the top please” – New Dandy Hair Replacement Service Launched

Gents of all ages can now dare to dream of a full head of hair again as The Dandy Gent in Derby launches its new Hair Replacement Service.

Dandy Gent founder and Master Barber, Shane O’Shaughnessy has now added ‘Hairpiece Technician’ to his portfolio of barbershop skills, enabling him to perform the previously considered ‘unthinkable’ act of putting hair on the head – instead of taking it off!

Using a high-quality hairpiece system, Shane will match your colour – from a choice of 49 shades – then cut it to fit the contours of your head, before fixing, cutting and styling to look and feel natural.

“I first saw the results of this particular system several months before the first lockdown.” Explains Shane. “One of my barbers was fed up with a head shave being the only option for his receding hairline at the age of just 30, so he took the plunge with a hair piece and has honestly never looked back.”

Senior barber, Ash is the first to confirm that his new full head of hair has increased his confidence significantly – even attributing his new look to initially attracting the attention of his girlfriend.

Shane recently fitted his first hairpiece to long-term client and friend, Tony Wall, who after many years without hair on the top of his head, is now sporting an impressive quiff and fade that works wonderfully with his silver handlebar moustache and goatee.

“I am delighted with the job Shane’s done and truly feel like a new man – it’s brilliant.” Said Tony.

Tony has always been a dapper gent, sporting unique facial hair style and vintage attire, so is used to attracting attention around his appearance.

“I was feeling mildly anxious  when I first went out with my new hairstyle, but that was immediately quashed when I was stopped by a stranger who asked me “where do you get your haircut, mate?” Said Tony.

Tony’s wife Jane is thrilled with her husband’s brand-new image “It takes years off of him – I’m really thrilled, he looks fantastic!” She smiled.

Continues Shane, “We’re expecting a steady uptake of this new service at first, as we know hairpieces have not traditionally had a great reputation – there’s a stigma still attached to them, but hopefully when people see that the technology is vastly improved, we can change that!”

“Hairpieces are now a genuine alternative to hair transplants – with less risk involved.” He concluded.

The process comprises:

• Consultation and colour match – £15 (refunded against the final purchase)

• Hairpiece, bespoke preparation, fitting then cutting and styling – from £480

• Monthly maintenance appointments with haircut and style refresh – £40/month

• 6-12 Month replacement hairpiece from £420, including process (as above in 2)

If you are interested in an initial consultation with Shane, please have a chat with him at your next hair appointment, or book in for an initial consultation. This can be booked on our App at a price of £15 – refundable if you sign up for the Hair Replacement Service.

What’s the story on Corey?

Many visitors to our Irongate shop have already met our latest recruit Corey, who – after a Covid-led stuttering start to his new Dandy career – is already a popular member of the Dandy Gent team of barbers.

Aged 25, Corey has been cutting men’s hair for 7 years, having served his apprenticeship at the age of 19 working under Dandy Master Barber Mike.

Shortly after his Apprenticeship ended, Corey moved to his local barbershop in Selston, the owner had been the first to suggest he tried barbering when he was just 18 and had always said there was a place for him once trained. Now, armed with his level 2 barbering qualification and bags of enthusiasm, Corey honed his skills in Selston for 5 years, until he decided in 2020 to spread his wings and move to a busier city centre location.

“When I was younger I didn’t really know what to do until the barbering seed was planted in my mind,” Said Corey.  “I love chatting and meeting new people, so thought it was worth trying out. I’m so glad I did.”

His stop-start arrival at Irongate caused a little concern for Corey, as was already worried about the time it would take to build up a brand new set of regular clients. However, the post-lockdown surge of long-haired gents served him well, giving him a healthy few weeks of many and varied bookings – it was his job to ensure they come back!

“Since we reopened three weeks ago, I’ve already had a lot of repeat business, which is amazing.” Continued Corey. “I love working for The Dandy Gent, it’s a really strong team of quality barbers, with great banter and camaraderie – and the sheer range of client ages and hairstyles is amazing – the variety really keeps me motivated and excited about each day ahead.” He concluded.

If you’d like to book with Corey, he works Monday to Saturday, except Tuesday, and offers the full range of cutting and beard services. Visit our website or download our booking app to show him some Dandy love!

Craig Hits the Road to mark the end of an Era in Derby

So it’s the end of an era for The Dandy Gent, as one half of the founding team, Craig Evans, has decided to cut free from the bounds of his barber chair and enter a new phase of his career – on the road.

After much soul-searching, Craig has decided to enjoy a more relaxed family-orientated pace of life, still serving many of his regular clients, but in their own homes!

Armed with a City and Guilds in hairdressing, nails, postiche and massage, Craig started barbering in 1985 at a barber shop in Alvaston, Derby as part of the Government’s Youth Training Scheme (YTS) earning just £18.73 a week – £5 of which went to his mum for ‘board’.

The YTS (originally Youth Opportunity Programme) was one of those schemes known for employer abuse – and sure enough after 2 years of (according to Craig) hard graft – he was duly shipped out leaving space for the next enthusiastic – and cheap – youngster to fill.

Somewhat scarred, but unshaken from his barbering quest, Craig moved onto McFlys in Ashbourne where he spent 13 years in relative barber bliss. In 2000 he moved to London, spent 18 months hob-nobbing with the Chelsea elite, then 2 years trend-setting in the ‘posh-end’ of Manchester where he eventually met and fell for his lovely wife, Helen.

Around 2004/5, Craig and Helen moved back to Derby, where Craig re-acquainted himself with another ‘special’ person in his life, Mr Shane O’Shaughnessy – a drinking buddy and friend of some 36 years.

The Man Barber era
Shane had a computer shop at the time, on Surrey Street in Derby, with a room in the back – the new home of Craig’s latest barbershop adventure.

Having re-kindled Shane’s boyhood passion for haircutting, a skill imparted to him by his grandad, Craig taught Shane for a couple of months to see how he got on with barbering as a career option – and the rest, as they say, is history. Shane took up formal training, the computer shop was closed and the premises was turned into Man Barber run by Craig and Shane together.

The duo became something of a double-act and, for those of you who have ever seen them work together, the entertainment value was quickly recognised. Man Barber grew and flourished with much frivolity – and some pretty near the knuckle banter. The guys moved to the current shop at Nuns Street and the client list and barber team kept on growing.

“We’ve always had a great working rapport.” Said Craig. “The banter was not always politically correct, but armed with a ‘safety-word’ ARMAGEDDON we would let each other know if we were getting too carried away – we hopefully never truly offended!”

In 2009 Helen and Craig had their first child, Jack, which prompted Craig to take a step back to enjoy more family time.  Shane was now at the helm and rebranded the shop The Dandy Gent to coincide with the launch of his new range of shave and beard products.

The Dandy Duo Splits
As most of you reading this will know, The Dandy Gent has gone from strength to strength over the last 10 years with eventually a second shop opening in Derby in the Cathedral Quarter.  Sadly, this did lead to the splitting of the popular duo as Shane went to Irongate and Craig stayed at Nuns Street, but they were both still doing their thing; growing their respective shops with their skills, easy manner and ever-ready humour.

Says Craig “I’ve had a fantastic time working at The Dandy Gent and throughout my whole barbering career I’ve made many, many friends. One of my clients I have been cutting since he was 18 months old – he’s 31 now and followed me from shop to shop! Several clients have followed me from Manchester – and even from my London salons!”

A time to move on
Craig, now with Jack aged 12 and his second child, Grace, aged 9, has enjoyed his family time over this year’s enforced pandemic lockdown and sees this as the perfect time to step away from his Nuns Street chair.

“Many people are working from home now, so this is the perfect time for me to continue a more relaxed working life, spend time with the family and start cutting hair in clients’ homes.” Smiles Craig.

Both Craig and Shane agree that the other has been brilliant to work with and both said they are the best they’ve ever worked with too!

“We’ve always had a lot of laughs, but aside from that Craig has always been really supportive – my right-hand man you could say.  I really don’t think I would be where I am now without his encouragement and support over the years.”  Said Shane.

Never say never
“I was sad when we had to split between the two shops, breaking the double-act was a hard decision for us to make. But as Craig said recently ‘never say never’ – there may be the chance for the ‘Dandy-Duo’ to get together again in the future. Watch this space!”

Craig with Pete Koukoularidis – one of the first customers at Man Barbers

“Barbers like Craig are more than just hair cutters they are therapists that you have a long-term relationship with. We’ve been friends for years now and my only regret is that my hair has diminished and meant that my appointments don’t last as long these days.”

“It’s the banter I’ve always loved – I’ve spent hours here alternating between Shane and Craig for my haircut and sometimes spending well over an hour enjoying the chats.”

Pete will be one of many of Craig’s clients who will continue to enjoy his company and skills making the most of his new mobile service.  If anyone is interested in contacting Craig to discuss his mobile service you can do so via our Facebook page.

The Dandy Gent Launches ‘100 Free Cuts’ Student Barber Programme

Keen to continue an ongoing home-grown pool of Dandy talent, founder, Shane O’Shaughnessy has launched a new scheme to give his student barbers a strong grounding and introduction to quality barbering ‘on the job’.
From Tuesday 13th October both Irongate and Nottingham branches of The Dandy Gent will be offering a limited number of free haircuts to the public, carried out by its students. This is an additional stage of learning serving as forerunner to the current Apprenticeship period where a small fee is charged for services by students who have successfully reached a standard approved by Shane.
The first Student Barber is 25 year old Dean (pictured below) who volunteered to help out at the Irongate branch in 2019 – in return for some valuable training. Whilst volunteering Dean was on a part-time NVQ intermediate barbering course earning his level 2.5 qualification.
“I’m thrilled to get this opportunity with Shane and the team. I’ve built up a lot of confidence in the shop over the past few months, but am eager to gain much more experience before I feel ready to go to the next level.” Said Dean.
Proving that student barbers come in all shapes, sizes – and ages, Sarah (aged considerably older than Dean!!), Manager of the Nottingham branch and Marketing Manager for The Dandy Gent, is also eager to build on her new-found knowledge following an intensive educational programme at Nottingham’s renowned Sid Sottung Academy.  Sarah has worked in and around The Dandy Gent’s three barber shops building the brand for some 4 years now – and has certainly got the barbering bug following her post-lockdown ‘epiphany’.
Said Shane “The key to success for any barbershop is its people. We want to keep our students engaged and help them hone their skills and techniques quickly and confidently whilst learning to fit into our organisation and develop their talents to our high standards. Importantly too, the scheme helps us to provide a quality service to those who are struggling financially at this time.” Said Shane. “Our students will be monitored all the way and all haircuts will be inspected before clients leave our shops, to ensure they leave having had a professional service and with a great looking haircut or beard trim.”
Continued Dean, “Having someone you look up to on hand to check and advise during the service really helps give you confidence to work freely – I’m looking forward to giving a good service and just getting better and better. I hope customers will get behind us and trust us with their hair. We will take longer than a fully qualified barber – but we will never let them leave unhappy.”
Currently The Dandy Gent has one apprentice in its team, Tate O’Shaughnessy (pictured top), who is still in his first year in the role. Prior to Tate, Shane has educated successful Dandy barbers Lauren Pell, Stu Parker and Shaun Hoolan, through the apprenticeship scheme.
“It’s a great feeling to see absolute beginners of all ages taking up barbering and then earning a decent living at it.” Said Shane. “We’ll be advertising the new free student barber cuts and Tate’s apprentice service wherever possible now and hope local people will help us to invest in them. We also have our latest recruit, Erin in the early stages of training at Irongate too. All in all I’m pretty confident we now have four strong new Dandy Gent barbers in the making.” He concluded.
Anyone interested in a free student haircut or beard trim can book Dean at the Irongate, Derby branch or Sarah at the Nottingham branch on Tuesdays and Wednesdays via TheDandyGent.nearcut.com. Apprentice cuts and beard trims are available with Tate for £5 per service Monday to Saturday via the app too.

Movember ‘Beard-Off’ Challenge for Dandy Barber Stu

The Dandy Gent traditional barbershops are getting behind The Movember Foundation’s annual event in support of men’s mental health awareness this year with weekly donations, free services for Mo Bros and a unique ’12-styles-in-1’  sponsored beard removal challenge!

Nottingham-based Dandy Barber, Stu Parker, has committed to have his beloved beard shaved off after eight years in the making for men’s health charities. The ‘dreaded deed’ will be performed by Dandy Gent owner and Master Barber, Shane O’Shaughnessy.

A succession of traditional and classic styles such as: the Monarch, French Fork, Perennial, Ducktail, Imperial and Pencil moustache will be created in a carefully choreographed plan to eventually leave Stu clean-shaven.

The challenge was originally planned to be taken on  in front of a small crowd of friends and followers, but due to social restrictions will now be performed over live stream on Facebook.

Throughout ‘Movember’ each of the 3 Dandy Gent barbershops will be donating a percentage of their Monday takings to the charity and providing free services, such as beard and mo shaves and grooming, to clients participating in Movember fundraising activity.

“Being aware of mental health issues, however big or small, is important to all barbers providing an authentically traditional service to men.” explains Dandy Gent founder and owner, Shane O’Shaughnessy. “Being a sympathetic or objective ear to clients over worries or more emotion-led issues has always been a big part of our job as barbers. Many men don’t talk to friends or family about their problems or anxieties, but will happily open up to us.”

Stu came up with the idea for the ‘beard-off’ challenge following the recent lockdown and the impact on him and some of his male friends through isolation.

Said Stu “2019 saw the UK suicide rates soar to its highest level since 2000 – with 4,303 male suicides compared to 1,388 females – and I’m pretty sure this will have increased still further due to recent isolation. Research does suggest that too many men are keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling in silence.” Continued Stu. “By supporting Movember, myself and The Dandy Gent team aim to highlight this issue and all of the great work done by Movember and the charities it supports.”

If anyone would like to donate to Stu’s ‘beard-off’ fundraiser, you can do so here.
Clients thinking of growing or shaving in aid of Movember can talk to their barber about free shave and grooming services – as well as promotion – to help them achieve their fundraising goals.

Lee makes a fresh start at The Dandy Gent

Local barber and barbering tutor, Lee Stuart-William, has joined The Dandy Gent’s Nuns Street team as he re-boots his career in barbering post-lockdown.
Lee has enjoyed a 16 year-long career in barbering – starting at Vidal Sassoon in Nottingham in his teens. Following his apprenticeship at Sassoon’s, and a short spell in a salon in Chesterfield, Lee moved southward and spent many years working in high-end salons in and around London. Since returning to the Midlands Lee took up residency in another Derby barbershop providing his high level barbering service and training a number of up-and-coming barbers too – including The Dandy Gent’s popular Barber, Callum.
“I’ve always loved barbering – and I’ve really enjoyed passing on my skills to others keen to learn,” said Lee. “But I am ready to take on a new challenge by starting afresh in a new shop. During the lockdown, like many others I imagine, I started to look inwardly and think more about where I was at in life.  I decided I would like to work myself into a stronger financial position whilst creating some more free time to enjoy another passion of mine – photography.” He explained.
Lee moved in to Nuns Street in September bringing with him a strong client base accumulated over his many years in the business. “I’m very grateful to have built up a strong following over the years, and look forward to building up many more new clients and friends whilst with The Dandy Gent.” He said.
Lee is initially available Tuesday to Saturday and is a welcome member of the team, offering all of the services on the existing Dandy Gent menu – plus hair wash and style for those who want it. To book an appointment with Lee or any of the team, visit www.thedandygent.nearcut.com

Shaun takes a break to ‘go Wild’

Barber and Manager of the Nuns Street branch of The Dandy Gent, Shaun Hoolan, is stepping aside from his full-time role in the shop to set up his latest venture as proprietor of Wild Clothing in Nottingham.

This exciting move for vintage-lover Shaun is something of a dream come true as Wild founder, Robin Pounder, hands over the reins of his 37 year-old vintage and new clothing ‘mecca’ on Monday 24th August.

The move signals the start of a new era for Shaun and the busy Nuns Street barbershop – with an extension to the shop and three new barbers joining the Dandy Gent team.

On 1st September, Lee will join Craig, Callum and Charlie, bringing with him 18 years of barbering experience. In addition to Lee, there are two Junior Barbers working out of the new extension to the shop; Dave and Matt.

The Dandy Gent will introduce Lee, Dave and Matt to clients and supporters soon – and they will all be available to book in the coming days and weeks. In the mean time, everyone at The Dandy Gent wishes Shaun the very best of luck at Wild Clothing.

“Shaun will be missed in the shop.” Says The Dandy Gent Owner and founder, Shane O’Shaughnessy. “But he won’t be far away and we can see some exciting links between Wild and The Dandy Gent going forward. We all wish him the very best and look forward to having him back at the chair soon.”

Shaun will be back at the Dandy Gent chair in the near future, once his new venture is up and settled.

Mike Makes Master Barber

The Dandy Gent barber Mike Bowler has reached another milestone in his career – attaining the revered status of Master Barber from 3rd August 2020.

Working alongside The Dandy Gent owner, founder and Master Barber, Shane O’Shaughnessy, Mike has flourished and his client following just keeps on growing.

Mike started barbering at an established shop in Derby in 2005 ‘almost by accident’ but quickly fell in love with it. In 2017 Mike joined The Dandy Gent just in time for the opening of its second, ‘flagship’ shop, in the Cathedral Quarter of Derby.

“I’ve learned a lot since joining the Dandy Gent team, it’s a great vibe and I’m working alongside amazing barbers who share my love of the job – and a good laugh.” Says Mike.

“Mike brought with him a wealth of experience, knowledge, creativity and an incredible passion for barbering.” Said Shane. “He is a valuable member of an outstanding barbering team and has contributed greatly in the development of fresh young talent working their way through the ranks.”

“It is a pleasure to reward him with the accolade Master Barber – very well earned.” He concluded.

Mike, aka @mgbbarber is resident at The Dandy Gent’s Irongate branch Tuesday to Saturday – bookings taken via www.thedandygent.nearcut.com – be warned, you have to book early to get a slot with Mike.

Mike’s regular clients have been informed of a small price increase befitting a Master Barber – via the shop’s booking App. Don’t forget to register yourself and opt in to ensure you receive news and updates from The Dandy Gent.