“A little on the top please” – New Dandy Hair Replacement Service Launched

Gents of all ages can now dare to dream of a full head of hair again as The Dandy Gent in Derby launches its new Hair Replacement Service.

Dandy Gent founder and Master Barber, Shane O’Shaughnessy has now added ‘Hairpiece Technician’ to his portfolio of barbershop skills, enabling him to perform the previously considered ‘unthinkable’ act of putting hair on the head – instead of taking it off!

Using a high-quality hairpiece system, Shane will match your colour – from a choice of 49 shades – then cut it to fit the contours of your head, before fixing, cutting and styling to look and feel natural.

“I first saw the results of this particular system several months before the first lockdown.” Explains Shane. “One of my barbers was fed up with a head shave being the only option for his receding hairline at the age of just 30, so he took the plunge with a hair piece and has honestly never looked back.”

Senior barber, Ash is the first to confirm that his new full head of hair has increased his confidence significantly – even attributing his new look to initially attracting the attention of his girlfriend.

Shane recently fitted his first hairpiece to long-term client and friend, Tony Wall, who after many years without hair on the top of his head, is now sporting an impressive quiff and fade that works wonderfully with his silver handlebar moustache and goatee.

“I am delighted with the job Shane’s done and truly feel like a new man – it’s brilliant.” Said Tony.

Tony has always been a dapper gent, sporting unique facial hair style and vintage attire, so is used to attracting attention around his appearance.

“I was feeling mildly anxious  when I first went out with my new hairstyle, but that was immediately quashed when I was stopped by a stranger who asked me “where do you get your haircut, mate?” Said Tony.

Tony’s wife Jane is thrilled with her husband’s brand-new image “It takes years off of him – I’m really thrilled, he looks fantastic!” She smiled.

Continues Shane, “We’re expecting a steady uptake of this new service at first, as we know hairpieces have not traditionally had a great reputation – there’s a stigma still attached to them, but hopefully when people see that the technology is vastly improved, we can change that!”

“Hairpieces are now a genuine alternative to hair transplants – with less risk involved.” He concluded.

The process comprises:

• Consultation and colour match – £15 (refunded against the final purchase)

• Hairpiece, bespoke preparation, fitting then cutting and styling – from £480

• Monthly maintenance appointments with haircut and style refresh – £40/month

• 6-12 Month replacement hairpiece from £420, including process (as above in 2)

If you are interested in an initial consultation with Shane, please have a chat with him at your next hair appointment, or book in for an initial consultation. This can be booked on our App at a price of £15 – refundable if you sign up for the Hair Replacement Service.