What’s the story on Corey?

Many visitors to our Irongate shop have already met our latest recruit Corey, who – after a Covid-led stuttering start to his new Dandy career – is already a popular member of the Dandy Gent team of barbers.

Aged 25, Corey has been cutting men’s hair for 7 years, having served his apprenticeship at the age of 19 working under Dandy Master Barber Mike.

Shortly after his Apprenticeship ended, Corey moved to his local barbershop in Selston, the owner had been the first to suggest he tried barbering when he was just 18 and had always said there was a place for him once trained. Now, armed with his level 2 barbering qualification and bags of enthusiasm, Corey honed his skills in Selston for 5 years, until he decided in 2020 to spread his wings and move to a busier city centre location.

“When I was younger I didn’t really know what to do until the barbering seed was planted in my mind,” Said Corey.  “I love chatting and meeting new people, so thought it was worth trying out. I’m so glad I did.”

His stop-start arrival at Irongate caused a little concern for Corey, as was already worried about the time it would take to build up a brand new set of regular clients. However, the post-lockdown surge of long-haired gents served him well, giving him a healthy few weeks of many and varied bookings – it was his job to ensure they come back!

“Since we reopened three weeks ago, I’ve already had a lot of repeat business, which is amazing.” Continued Corey. “I love working for The Dandy Gent, it’s a really strong team of quality barbers, with great banter and camaraderie – and the sheer range of client ages and hairstyles is amazing – the variety really keeps me motivated and excited about each day ahead.” He concluded.

If you’d like to book with Corey, he works Monday to Saturday, except Tuesday, and offers the full range of cutting and beard services. Visit our website or download our booking app to show him some Dandy love!