The Dandy Gent concedes to COVID Surcharge

Following its healthy return to business on 4th July, and record numbers of clients through its doors, The Dandy Gent has had to review the costs of ongoing safety supplies and add a £1 surcharge to all client visits from 20th July.

The Derby & Nottingham-based barbershop group has reached out to all clients to notify them of the additional charge due to the rising costs of supplies and the ongoing need for additional necessities such as masks, disposable gowns, disinfectants and sanitisers.

“We’ve delivered over 1700 hair and beard services across our three shops since re-opening and thank every one of our clients for returning to us, having patience when needed and adhering to our House Rules.” Said Shane O’Shaughnessy, founder and owner of The Dandy Gent.

He continued “We’d hoped not to have to put our prices up when people least need it, however, this virus is clearly not going away quickly and PPE suppliers are hiking the costs which is starting to affect our costs.”

“Despite industry recommendations for a greater surcharge are keeping ours to £1 per visit – starting Monday 20th July. This will cover the additional expense sufficiently – and be removed as soon as the COVID-19 measures are able to relax safely.”

Staff at all three branches extend their apologies for the measure.