A Dandy Gentleman’s Guide to Surviving a Crisis – Whiskers and Hair

During these times of uncertainty, we feel the need to impart a little advice to our fine fellows on the management of your temporarily unfettered whiskers and hair. Hereafter are some pointers for sure survival:

i. Firstly, ensure you uphold the highest standards of hygiene, befitting a gentleman of standing. That is to say, continue to groom yourself daily to the same high standards as you would in readiness of, say, calling on your betrothed or visiting your local call-house.

ii. Whilst your barber is unavailable to keep your whiskers & hair ship-shape, avoid the temptation to trim oneself. This point is further accentuated with a plea for you to NEVER allow your companion or fore-bearer to approach you with scissors, clippers or any basin-shaped object.

iii. During isolation, your hair will grow and you will, alas, achieve little more than to retain its cleanliness & conditioning – you must hold fast with great determination! A term of experimentation with ones traditional coiffure may be  in order – alternatively the purchase of an attractive new chapeau or two might be a well-advised option.

iv. Your whiskers, on the other hand, will enjoy a period of natural proliferation. This should be embraced as an opportunity to nurture a fuller and healthier beard & moustache. A regime of deliberate care and nourishing should ensue.

v. Cleansing and feeding your whiskers, unhindered by pollution, junk food and frothed coffee will result in a thicker, fuller beard and moustache – the perfect blank canvas for your astounding new whiskers once any crisis is averted.

vi. In order to maximise your time in isolation, always cleanse your whiskers & hair without stripping them of natural oils – use only a gentle, natural cleansing soap and shampoo. The Dandy Gent, manufacturers and purveyors of fine-grooming products offers the best beard & hair shampoo for any working man and gentleman.

vii. Once cleansed, apply a modest amount of The Dandy Gent Beard Oil onto your fingers and draw through your whiskers. You have seven heavenly fragrances to choose between. (Note: careful appraisal of the odours and benefits daily, will help while away some more time during any lengthy confinement too!)

viii. Shape your flourishing growth, now slightly heavier with Oil, and feel each and every whisker plump and your face sparkle with renewed verve.

ix. Remember, Nutrition is crucial to all hair growth. Partake in meals of oysters, eggs, grains, oily fish and spinach more than ever to ensure your growth is healthy and volumous.

x. Throughout the crisis, contemplate your next barbershop consultation. Consider your hair & beard styling options during growth and to aid focus for the duration of isolation – regularly envisage your re-emergence into society to an abundance of adulation and appreciation.

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